Apart from the original art works, all paintings are available in digital print form, printed with archival inks on Meteinte Art Paper.

( *please add $10.00 for postage worldwide.)
To order contact Nick Chlebnikowski on 613 9822 9100
or email: nick@nicks.com.au

"In Search of the Watchmaker Exhibition" , May 2005.
264kb Click PDF image to download

"Earth Fire & Water " , May 2006.
360kb Click PDF image to download

"The Message" , March 2007.
288kb Click PDF image to download

"Mother Earth" , November 2007.
1.1 MB Click PDF image to download

"You're Invited to My Party" , October 2007.
840kb Click PDF image to download

A Note on the Pricing Methodology
My objective is to make accessable a painting or prints to a wide audience, rather than limit opportunities to a few individuals. While many artists set prices based upon the size of the artwork (i.e.- by the square foot or square centimetre) I have chosen to go against this convention and priced paintings according to thier degree of technical difficulty, the time taken to execute them and the number of layers involved which reflect their fractality.



Special Thanks...

This is always a risky task, for as hard as one tries it is inevitable that a name has been omitted, resulting in someone being ignored. If your name is missing, please forgive me. The Medical Team that kept me alive: Dr. Bill Johnson, Dr. Sid Davis, Dr. Ian Haines, Dr. Christopher Higgins, Helen Nodrum and the superb staff of Alfred and Cabrini Hospital. Yuri Chlebnikowski for graphic design. Jennifer Mackowiak for making the frames. Bernard Newsome for his constant intellectual challenges and his wonderful print making. Mary Newsome for encouragement. Gail Thomas for assisting with PR. Diana Gold from Gallery 101 for advice. Dougie from Delshan Gallery for advice. Bill Spring for managing the accounts. Simon and Alex Chlebnikowski & Vintage Direct for their support. Nicks Wine Merchants team for the wines. Graham Lind, Ozanam Enterprises for the boards. Shaun Ahern for typing the script. Paul Magin Curator and Stacie Bobele Assistant Curator together with the staff of Glen Eira Council Gallery. Dr. Malcolm Simons for his challenging debates and Dr. Andras Pellionisz for his contribution to Fractals story. There have also been many detractors of my work and I thank them for creating an even ‘higher mountain to climb!’ My wife, Ann has been a wonderful supporter – Thanks Snoopy!

- Nick Chlebnikowski

All contents © Copyright Nick Chlebnikowski.   

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